It is normal in nordic countries to walk with sticks.

This is a very complete physical activity that allows you to work out both the upper and the lower parts of the body. It is also something that you can practice at any age.

To evaluate scientifically the benefitst of this sport, more than ten medical studies have been made worldwide.


Nordic Walking :


  • Reinforces the overall tonicity of the muscles


Contrarely to walking or jogging which entraine the lower parts of the body, Nordic Walking also develops the muscles of the upper part of the body (abonominal muscles, arms, shoulders, pectoral muscles) tanks to the use of the stick.


  • Inproves the cardio-vascual capacity and the oxigenation


A quick walk with the sticks equals a slow jogging as far as the intensity of the effort is concerned.


  • Helps you loose weight


With Nordic Walking, you spend up to 40% more calories than with simple walking.


  • Strengthens the bones tanks to the use of the stiks


And, thus, helps you prevent osteopororsis.

One must know that your skeleton needs vibrations to strengthen itself.

And there is no better way to do this than to push the stiks into the ground.


The technique


It is relatively simple.

The natural movement of the arms is renforced and the body bends forward tanks to the two sticks.


The equipement


Put on trainers and if possible - but indispensible - clothing inf microfibres that allow your body to breath.


In Torgon, mapped-out courses for Nordic Nalking exist.


The Resort "Les Crêtes" can supply you with sticks that are adapted for Nordic Walking.

If necessary, we can give you a demostration.

Sky poles are not adapted for Nordic Walking.





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